Are Conversational Websites the Future of Online Marketing?

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Businesses these days are often stretched thin with the need to provide around the clock customer service over high customer expectations. Even with advanced technology, it is difficult to track when exactly consumer might contact a business, and thus how much work needs to be done in advance to support them. Conversational websites help solve this dilemma by providing the customer with instant feedback on their inquiries or questions through an automated website that can be used for 24 hours without stopping. Businessowners get key insights into the way customers think and feel about their products, services, and more. Conversational websites also save businesses money because the customer doesn’t have to wait for a human representative to answer their inquiry or question, eliminating potential time lags or hold times.

In the past, most businesses operate with a Mass Production model started by Henry Ford where it is a key means of ensuring product quality and delivery to the customer at scale. Today’s consumers have more options than ever before in a particular product segment (retail, finance, software, etc.) that no longer makes mass production use as a competitive advantage. In recent years, thanks to the advancement of technologies, businesses are embarking on a new approach called Hyper-Personalization (HP) At its heart, Hyper-Personalization means rethinking customer interaction. practice at a 1: 1 level, where we treat each unique customer as an individual and design a unique experience for each. A good example of HP is the customization feature of the Nike website that allows a user to design their own Nike shoes.

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