how to win more customers with faster service

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Faster service = happy customers + less employee time spent on repetitive tasks


Companies need to prove their worth… if they want to gain customer loyalty." How to get leads for your new business or how to win customers is one common challenge for all businesses, small or large. Winning customers can be like a game. If so, how do you win?


The use of a conversational knowledge agent isn’t just complicated. It is also expensive to have staff on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle calls and queries about your products and services. Ding Ventures can provide intelligent conversational knowledge agents that are able to support your business operational functions through the use of chatbot technology. Through the use of instant message you are able to provide service and respond to questions via a chat solution and direct questions that are more specific for followup with a human service agent.


As salespeople and marketers, we are too focused on ourselves. We tell people we want them to know, not what the public needs to know. Guess? You have no expectations to hear about you and your product. With so much information online, your prospects can come into that first conversation with any level of information — and your job is to connect the dots between what your product does and what they need. How can you help them? People expect that you can meet them wherever they are in the buying process. They expect you to tailor your message to what they need, not script-based. And they expect you to give them what they need, because they have all the power. To succeed in the coming decades, you must make the best use of it for the buyer, not for what is convenient for your business.

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