Changing the perception of Banking and Insurance.

The age of conversational automation and intelligence for banking and insurance is here. Generate leads, renew policies, make support easier for your clients with their very own digital agent.

Enable value added digital transformation

A website solution that was easily integrated with current IT systems to generate quotes.

  • MyMoney

    Scaling support to handle large volumes of queries while reducing extended wait times.


Integrate With 1000+ Apps

Handle complex queries

Deliver personalized advice by empowering agents with a fully-integrated chatbot, serving as a Virtual Advisor. Load policies and documents to the platform to enable the discovery of suitable solutions.

Ding Ventures

The best omnichannel Chatbot & Live Chat Platform


Support clients with finance needs

Make your clients’ lives easier. Help them make transactions, apply for loans, buy or renew insurance policies, and even make claims with digital frictionless engagement.

Ding Ventures

The best omnichannel Chatbot & Live Chat Platform


Businesses Love Ding Solution

Thousands of people have been using Ding Solution to market smarter. Get a clear picture of what they are doing, and hear what they have to say.

The Ding Solution really helped us leverage and understand our client's needs, but allowed us to respond to what they wanted rather than what we thought they wanted.

Jonathan Simpson Lead Manager

Ding has been very helpful in making it easy to build and deploy bots. With Ding we are able to engage more users than before on multiple channels.

George Lucas VP - IT

Ding is a very robust and easy-to-use multichannel platform. Their great service, unique technical flexibility makes everything possible without the need for in-depth development expertise and a highly flexible off-the-shelf solution.

Julie Walters CEO