Intelligent Professional Assistants – the future of chatbots

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Enterprise systems are highly complex and not particularly user-friendly. Information is often siloed and users don’t have quick access to the information they use most frequently. Organizations are challenged by the difficulty of making analytics actionable in a way that suits everyone, meaning that most people rely on their informal networks to get what they need. With data becoming more valuable than ever before, organizations must shift away from these antiquated systems in order to stay competitive.


A chatbot is a cyber-based application that can simulate human conversation, and is widely used in customer service, commerce, and education. The user can converse with the chatbot using text, interactive cards, or speech. This type of artificial intelligence relies on algorithms to process what the user says and responds in a way that mimics real human dialog.


Operations are critical to the process of running a business. From production, to warehousing, to customer service, operations are how companies mobilize. Yet interestingly enough, many businesses find themselves stuck in inefficient processes. These processes may be working, but they do not maximize the efficiency of the company or provide sustainable growth for its employees. To address these issues head-on, it is imperative to map out your processes and fix the inefficiencies with automation.

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